Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017



Now I will tell you guys about my grateful moment and when i feeling blessed with someone.

   So this moment happen last year, when i went out to an event with my friend. Im totally so MESSY when im woke up, i had a vow with my friend, but im overslept. And when i checked my phone, its nearly 12 PM, and even im not took a bath yet. Im totally at chaotic moment when he gave me message "Where are u now?" 
Im taking a bath and ate a light meal so rushed like a hurricane. So im late maybe 30 minutes and my friend looks like he was a volcanic mountain that would explode anytime. He was so mad at me but i dont took it serious, cause i knew he was my first bestfriend. Well, im begging sorry for him, and i knew he would forgive me. 

  When Im and my friend arrived at the place that will held an event, we are so exciting about everything inside. We looked around at that place and it took maybe four hours. When we went to home, im just realized that i just had a test at my school, im so PANIC at that moment, im so stupid, so fool. I buying too much stuff, so now im totally didnt had a money. 

  But my friend told me you can use my money and lent my book for studying for the test, i didnt know what i had to say, im just felt like so grateful and so blessing at that moment. Thank you for my friend!



This is my first time using blogger and i hope i can make a new experience in blogger. 

So in this first post (i call it a post) i will tell you guys about myself.

So My Name is Muhammad Radhinal Satrio, you can call me Radhinal or Satrio, but I prefer Radhinal. My previous school is SMPN 7 Bandung and I'm 13 years old now. 

I was born in Bandung, 3rd May 2004, my friends call me a smart guy, because I'm a younger than my friend in Junior School. 

My favorite food is egg, and sup. My hobby is reading manga, watching anime and write fan Fic.  In my family, I'm the first son from one brother.

I love to interact and socialize with somebody that I don't know, I think it's so fun!

So that's maybe my first introduction, its maybe short, but that's all I've got 


Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017



One day at football field

Radhinal   :  Hello! I am Radhinal, can i be friend with you? And can i know your know name ?

Robi          :  Oh sure,  i am Robi, i live in Bandung and doing some football practice in here? are you                      want to join us? Or watching me practicing?

Radhinal   :  Hahaha, im here for practicing football because there is some big event that will be hold                      at my school.

Robi          :  By the way where are you live? Im live in Cipaera street.

Radhinal   :  I live at Pelesiran street, now im 13 years old and i was born in Bandung, 03 May 2004.                       And you?

Robi         :  Well, im 14 years old and i was born in Garut, 27 March 2002. I dont know where                                 Pelesiran is, where is it?

Radhinal  :   Hmm, its near with Balubur Town Square, you know? Its like a big market and furniture                      shop.

Robi         :   Do you have any hobbies ? Besides football? 

Radhinal   :  Well, ehmm Swimming and reading manga. 

Robi          : Owh no, my coaches is calling me for practice, i have to leave now. Farewell Radhinal,                       nice to meet you and know you. Bye

Radhinal   :  Well nice to meet you too. Bye